Lenten Reflection: Light and Seeking



The Lord is my light and my salvation; whom then shall I fear?   Hearken to my voice, O Lord, when I call; have mercy on me and answer me.    You speak in my heart and say, “Seek my face.”  Your face, Lord, will I seek.  (Psalm 27: 1a, 10-11.  The Book of Common Prayer, p.617-618).

How many ways can we think of God being our light and salvation?  As I pondered these words, I was drawn to an image of a lighthouse with its light shining far away on the sea.  In a stormy sea the light shining in the darkness gives the seeker a great sense of relief.  The torrent may be raging and the wind fierce.  The waves crash against us.  We look with a sense of weariness knowing that we still a long way to go.  So we put forward our best effort despite our fatigue.  Eventually we get to where we are going.

Seeking the face of God means that we make ourselves very vulnerable to God.  Whatever may be going on around us has the potential to cloud what we are looking for.  God knows what is in our hearts. Why do we try so hard to hide what is in our hearts from God?  The Psalmist knows that God is speaking in the heart and calling us to seek the face of God.

Contemplative prayer and centering prayer is about seeking union with God in the depths of ourselves; so that God will give us a sense of direction towards God’s guiding light.  In those moments of deep spiritual prayer with God’s grace as our energy; we see God’s light shining in the darkness of our doubt, fear and our false sense of self.  God’s light shows us the clearer way to find unconditional love and faith so that we can seek the face of the God who has already found us.

Where do you seek the face of God in the light way off in the distance?


Br. Anselm Philip King-Lowe, n/OSB

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